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  • Hi, can someone please explain to me how I can sort the categories.
    By default it is in a alfabethical order.

    But I would like to decide the order myself.


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  • Where on your blog are you saying you want to change the order of categories?

    Well, look at

    this plugin doesn’t work with every theme though. Another one is Works fine with all themes I have tried so far…

    My Category Order actually does work with every theme, you just have to take an extra step. Order Categories hooks into the get_terms function and isn’t as flexible. Also, the My Category Order widget has a lot more features than the built in widget, can do nearly everything you can using the wp_list_categories template function.

    I’m biased, but just thought it was fair to mention the differences between the two.

    For sure …. I didn’t know that. But it would be good to know what this extra step is!?!
    Just for others because I am running good with order categories

    Thanks a lot guys!
    I tried the “my category order” first, but it didnt work..maybe because I already have a dropdownmenu plugin installed.

    But I tried the “order-categories” and it worked! Perfect!

    Well, another question then.
    How do I exclude categories?
    There is a function for that in my plugin for the dropdown menu but it’s not working..

    with ‘exlude=catID& […]’

    do77 said to froman118:

    But it would be good to know what this extra step is!?!

    Good question, I wondered that myself after quickly looking at the plugin and not really seeing the answer…

    do77 speaks truth…so see wp_list_categories() for details

    Thanks again!

    Depending if you are using widgets or not you either

    1. Replace the Categories widget with the My Category Order widget


    2. Change you wp_list_categories() call to use “orderby=order”.

    That’s it. In blic’s case it probably wouldn’t work with a third party category dropdown plugin, but it would work if he used the built in wp_dropdown_categories function or enabled the “Show as Drop Down” option in the My Link Order widget.

    “Category Order” plugin ROCKS!

    You change the order of your categories, and they are changed in both your normal “Categories” widget, and it your category menu (if you have one).

    FYI… “My Category Order” worked on it’s own widget, but not on the regular one and, more importantly, not on my category menu at the top of my blog.

    If I’m going to install a plugin, I don’t want to have to edit my WP code to get it to work… That’s WHY I’m installing a plugin. 😉

    Yea “Category Order” is great, thanks alot!!! Worked fast the first time, great solution.

    “Category Order” everything what i need 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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