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  • I am returning to WP after a few years’ absence and I had heard about the Gutenberg editor and some of the complaints but I had brushed them off as such comments accompany any change. So I dedicated some time to learning the editor and within a few hours I was completely underwhelmed. The fact that WordPress seems to want to force everyone into this monstrosity will likely be its undoing.

    I grant that some change in the editor was necessary as web technology advances. However, the reason WP has been so successful is that anyone from a novice to a webmaster could produce a site to their liking with minimal effort. I had relatives with little technical background who wanted to “blog” and I pointed them to WP and they were up and blogging in no time. Those days, I am afraid, are over.

    The fact that they shoved this down everyone’s throat is an indication of an inferior product. I expect this heavy handed conduct from Microsoft or Google – not WP. This thing is more dysfunctional than Windows 8 (not as bad as MS Bob but the latter at least made you laugh at the absurdity of it all – this just makes you cry). Thankfully there are plugins available to turn off this piece of crap.

    The worst thing is that I can easily see WP dying because of this user-undfriendly interface. Blogging is already on the ropes due to social media. WP seems hell bent on putting the final nails in the coffin.

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  • Walton


    Yes, I am seriously considering moving my blog. If I don’t, it’s pure laziness and lack of time more than any will to continue with WordPress after Gutenberg.

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