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    I am a Newbie and have developed my WP site on localhost and am almost ready to upload to my hosted domain. My host does not provide a cpanel. Searching for “installing without cpanel” brings up much information about cpanel installation which, obviously, is not helpful. I have an ftp program that I am comfortable using. I have WP Duplicator and when I create a package get notice on size 725mb but build anyway. Win 10 OS and have used Xampp on localhost; Astra Pro theme; plugins are: Elementor, WooCommerce with Restrict Country, Product Sort, Blocks, Services; Yoast SEO.
    I would appreciate if someone could tell me simplest way of uploading my site without a cpanel. And I recently saw a note NOT to install WP if you are using Duplicator to upload your site. So much of what I find seems to conflict with each other. You will have my undying gratitude if you can provide any assistance.

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  • Yes. You can do this without cpanel.
    1. You need to install MySQL or be sure that you have it installed and you have access to it (db Name, login, password)
    2. Use FTP to copy the Duplicator package to the root of your site.
    3. Open/Run through browser Duplicator package. Like: http://USiteName/installer.php
    4. enjoy

    Well, that sounds simple enough. Thank you.

    I had the same issue but it can be done by SSH or FTP server. I just have my website on my Happy Birthday blog and tried to install it same manner and manage to do it.

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    A further question on this issue, if I may. I named my build site and database, vaudeville3 (fourth attempt at learning WP). Our domain is I recently tried to change development site name to the dot org in anticipation of going live with disastrous results. Everything disappeared (had followed advice I found on forum). Finally got everything back after several frustrating days. Host says they can change our domain pointer so I’ve asked and am waiting for an answer to: does it matter what the name of my file is? I ask the same question here. They’ve already plunked a database into a new folder so all I should have to do is run a Duplicator package via ftp.

    Thank you WP for your response and thank anyone that responds to the second part of this issue.

    I use Duplicator all the time for moving and backing up my WP sites. It doesn’t matter what your sites are named on either end. The plugin simply installs your site at the destination.

    Your duplicator archive must have the original name. It is hardcoded in the installer.php file. If you have renamed it you must either restore the original name or rerun duplicator and then upload the new archive and installer files to your host.

    I’m not sure what you mean by run a Duplicator package via ftp. You need to upload your Duplicator files via ftp and then run it from your browser: From their just follow the prompts. As previously noted you must have your database server name (usually localhost), database name, database user name and database user password when you run Duplicator. It will prompt you for that information. There is also an option to test the database connection. Please do that before continuing.

    Also note that your database does not exist in a folder. It runs on a server.

    Hope this helps.




    Thank you all and I apologize for the delay in responding. Box is checked to receive notices but haven’t ever. My host has created several folders on our account, a backup of our oldest version, a new folder with files for https and a new folder with mysql for the new WP site. The older folders will go away once I go live with WP. The senior web designer at my host is not a great fan of WP even to the point of disparaging it, especially the ‘moving’ of it. I have already completed several packages with Duplicator just as backup and tests and it was their term of ‘run’ that I was referring to. So, if the name doesn’t matter, I guess I’m good. Thank you all again.

    You can move your local wordpress setup to the server by using ssh through command line or ftp with Filezilla application. Best and time efficient way to install wordpress on on your server is by creating zip file of local setup and copying it to the directory on server. If you are using any cloud hosting then you can install wordpress on your server by using given link. But now i think you should create a zip file and then extract it by uploading on the server.

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