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  • Firstly thanks for such an awesome theme. I needed to make couple of changes to the style.css file to have it better fit my needs. Wanted to share them in case they helps other users.

    1) For some reason when I had more than 3 posts they didn’t get arranged properly. They were poorly arranged all over the page. In order to fix this I had to add the following rule so every fourth child would have a clear and start at the new line with proper positioning:
    .home-container > article:nth-child(3n+1){clear:left;}

    2) Images on homepage was looking really weird because of enforced width and height(they were looking like stretched really badly). If you just change the “width” css property with “max-width” inside .related-article img class like below, it fixes this issue:
    .related-article img{ height:auto; max-width:374px; height:199px;}

    3) If you applied the first change above in order to show images centered you need to add “text-align:center;” property to .related-articles like below:
    .related-articles{border-bottom: 5px solid #f1f1f1;overflow:auto;text-align:center;}

    4) Again in some pages enforced image ratio in .cthumb rule is causing issues. To fix that change “height” property with “min-height” like below:
    .cthumb a img {width:100%; min-height:240px; -webkit-transition: all .9s ease;

    Hope this help,

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