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  • Version 2.9.5 of the Sociable plugin adds a “sociableoff” variable (value “false” unless set to “true”) to the custom fields every single time a post is edited. It doesn’t test to see if the value is already set, it adds it again on every save. If you’re doing minor tweaks on a published page and save it over and over again with each change, you can quickly collect 20 or more instances of of this custom field variable. I’ve tried to contact the plugin author, but I’ve received no reply.

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  • Im having the same problem, if any one can shed any light on the reason for this , it would be great,

    hopefully they are aware and are working on anouther update

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    First off I want to say I love Sociable, I include it with every fresh copy of WordPress I install. Keep up the great work. On with the point, I would like to make a suggestion for the plugin.

    One tough thing for me has always been researching my target audience and determining which social media websites they most likely use. I could of course include all of them, but it’s a little daunting design wise.

    As a potential solution I found a piece of JS code called SocialHistory.js that will tap into a browser’s history (by checking an array of links to see which are marked as :visited) in order to find out what social media websites a person uses often. I think this would be an incredible addition to sociable.

    With this option enabled people could selectively have sociable links/icons shown for the social media sites their users frequently use.

    Here’s a test case for the JavaScript I’ve setup:

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