• Default settings add only unusable buttons to Tinymce that tell you to buy the pro version; you have to go enable the free options, and you can’t disable the unusable ones.

    There is no way to edit the content of accordion panels, add new panels or tab buttons, etc.

    It is impossible to add regular text after a bootstrap div if it’s the last element of content without changing over to code view.

    I didn’t explore it thoroughly because it was a truly terrible experience in the first 5 minutes. I am glad this free version was available to test out, though, because I saw this first on CodeCanyon and was considering buying it.

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  • Plugin Author Migli


    Hi swinggraphics,

    I’m sorry you didn’t appreciate my plugin, but I can’t leave your poor rating without answer !

    First, this is the Light version. Unusable buttons are disabled and that’s the normal behaviour. If you want to create/edit/delete snippets, you can do it with full version.

    So please don’t say Snippets “don’t work” !

    2nd point : I choosed not to add an empty line after inserted elements. Just like does any other tinyMce plugin. Once you understood this, just add your empty line and insert your element into the previous.

    3rd point : Complete version can be fully tested online for free on codecanyon.net

    To finish : I had a lot of encouragements of other users who appreciated tinyMce Bootstrap Plugin, and got 5 stars on codecanyon. I’m sorry this was a bad experience for you, but think your problem is mainly that you didn’t bought it.

    Any suggestion to improve the plugin is welcome.

    If you want contact me in private, I can have a proposition for you.


    Plugin Author Migli


    … for example, just received this comment this morning :

    Rating: 5 stars
    Reason: Design Quality
    Comment: An amazing plugin. I am in love with it. Simple, powerful, lightweight and over amazing. ThaNK you to the author of this awesome TINYNCE plugin. Ot has opened so many doors for my web development and design projects.

    Keep it up..! 5 Stars fully deserved. I’d give 10, or 20, or 100 stars if I could. Its worth that much. Thanks again.

    ~Jason N. | Propietor – Commumiti-SWPA
    (Standardized Web Programming Application’s ).

    Thread Starter swinggraphics


    With default settings, your plugin provides absolutely no (usable) functionality; it primarily only adds ghosted buttons to the the editor that advertise your paid plugin, and there is no way of hiding those. That is reason enough for a zero star rating, if that were possible. For the numerous other failings I encountered in the first five minutes (such as just plain failing to insert editable accordion content), I can’t possibly be swayed by your refutations to change my rating.

    Plugin Author Migli


    Hi swinggraphics, (my parents teached me it’s a good use to say “hi”)

    To be clear : my aim is not to make you change your rating, but to have a constructive discussion on how to improve my plugin.

    So if you could explain what you mean exactly with “numerous other failings”, that could be constructive.

    Other users have reported issues : I published updates, if you do so you’re welcome.

    For other potential users :

    tinyMce Bootstrap plugin light version allows to :

    • Add Bootstrap css (or any custom Bootstrap css) to your theme and admin
    • Add/edit Bootstrap buttons with Glyphicons
    • Add/edit Bootstrap labels
    • Add/edit Bootstrap badge
    • Add/edit Bootstrap alert
    • Add prebuilt snippets (Bootstrap navbar, jumbotron, … others).

    All is done with visual editors, with no coding.

    At this time there is 232 codecanyon users, 5.00/5 rating and no issue reported.

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