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  • New version working and counting correct.
    Emails are getting sent
    Thanks Mike.

    PS – I needed to add a column (description) I change the opponent field to accept the description column. The description had what I needed as the opponent field just had a generic team name.

    I just need to make sure your updates do not over write this change to your core.

    Unless I can add a new column to overview and other areas dynamically.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I am not sure I understand what you changed – you have the email inclduing the description instead of the opponent name?

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the quick response. My mistake never change opp to descript

    I did the following changes in swim team class
    function user_setup()

    added description 300

    Build column added description.

    on constructSwimMeetInfoTable

    This is where I altered opp to show description.

    I hope this make sense as my opp was generic because it was pointing to the opp name. And I loaded the gender – opp in description field.

    So original ( boys and girls ) both had same opp listed. Now description shows where the opp gender we are facing.



    Small issues:

    Reports – any place to change report name based on what data is getting created for the report?


    SWIMTEAM USERS 2013-09-03.CVS

    is this possible?

    ALso, SORTING on some tables does not sort properly. I can live without this.

    Lastly, is there a way to include validation like (PHP) PREG against the PHONE numbers getting entered? Maybe emails too?

    Some numbers that have (###)-###-#### are left just and simple numbers are right JUST. Can I get them all with a format (###)-###-### built into the code or used in setup as drop down format / requirement.
    Is no format not required.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Let me see if I can answer all of your questions!

    1. The name of the report is hard coded in the plugin and unfortunately there isn’t any way to change it without modifying the code. It wouldn’t be too hard to add a report name field to the report generator but I can’t promise how quickly I can turn around a fix.
    2. Sorting on some tables doesn’t work – while I like the Javascript based widget I’ve used to present all of the swim team data, it has some problems, sorting being one of them. I’ve had to disable sorting from some fields in order to keep pagination working. The correct answer is to migrate the plugin to use the WP_List_Table class which would provide a standard look and feel that most users are familiar with. That has been on my to-do list for a while but I have yet to work on it.
    3. By left and right justification do you mean in Excel? If so, there is nothing that can be in a CSV file to control how Excel formats CSV data by default. You can “control” how Excel processes the CSV data by renaming the file to use a .txt extension and having Excel go through the import wizard. Doing so you can note which fields are what type to some extent. It can also be formatted after the document is open by doing a Save As and saving it as an Excel workbook prior to formatting the data.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks Mike.

    Appreciate the details and the quick response. I would like to see this fully integrated into wordpress as there is a market is out there. I agree this will take you so time to do.

    The most powerful function swimteam has is the extracts to Hy-TEK format for coaches and the MM or TM software. Based on that, when results are published in the comm link file then uploaded to a new table format for results.

    The only suggestion I would give is to remove the event group and event table. You have your reason building this way in swimteam and it is useful. Results – Meets – athletes – swimmer times course distance stroke etc.

    Parent may not need to control the events so much but need a way to alert the coaches that they will not have their swimmer at the meet.

    Maybe keep the options meta for storing this Meet to Swimmer availablity. Insert a record when registering for the season. Parent based option table? Could be small based on number of parents over the years.

    This should keep the IO down during rendering to front end.

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