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  • Hi,

    I’m running a WordPress 2.0.4 blog under Apache (FreeBSD) and MySQL. It works very well except for when I try to access the blog for the first time.

    Whenever I access the public blog, it takes about 6 seconds to show the homepage (that is, the response time is very slow). After that, all of the pages start loading very fast. But it always has this lag time whenever I access it for the first time.

    Other non-WP pages don’t show this behavior, so I’m guessing it has something to do with WordPress’ initialization.

    I would really appreciate any help in order to get this fixed.


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  • Probably need a link to see what is going on. Could be due to a number of causes. Loading javascripts for teh first time, header graphics, etc.

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Although it’s still under construction, you can see it at

    Thanks again, Ralph

    Suggestion – When posting about a site that contains nudity, please mention it as such. I usually post from a library and that would have gotten me booted out of there if a librarian had seen it. Eightly year old librarians are a mean bunch. 🙂

    Loaded for me in about three seconds. I’m going to suggest it’s the Youtube since I know that takes a bit to load. I run into that issue on the forums when folks have ten of those loaded on a single page and they moan about it loading slow or screwing up their browsers.

    Yup, when I load the Ashlee post, it comes right up. When I view thte home page, it comes right up.

    If it’s a daily thing, how about instead putting some graphic that looks like the youtube but with the image with text saying “Click here to see my daily video” and make it into another page where the video loads? Just an idea.

    hope this helps,

    Hi drmike, thanks for the quick reply and sorry I forgot to mention the Ashlee post.

    I’ve tested it without the video, as well as with the WP default theme but it still takes those 5-6 seconds to load whenever I first go to the site. I’ve tried it on a couple of different computers and on some it doesn’t have that lag, so maybe it’s my computer. Although it’s really strange since other pages in the site load just fine.

    Well, if you have any other ideas about what it might be, please let me know. Maybe it’s with the MySQL connection being established, etc.

    Thanks again for everything,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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