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    The slideshow can only be viewed using the shortcode or the PHP snippet. If you try to visit the slideshow directly, you will indeed receive a 404.

    On what browser is the first slide unviewable? The slideshow you put on the ‘slides’ page seems to be working fine.

    Best regards,

    Ok good.

    I was using firefox and it was not showing last night when I logged off. Weird. It seems to work but when I update any of the settings in the slideshow, the first slide doesn’t show afterwards. Not sure why it’s working now, but hey, it’s working. Will keep you posted.

    Actually seems to only do it for the first 15mins or so after I update the settings for the slideshow.

    I am trying to use this inside an iframe/fancybox which is pulling in the individual post that has the gallery embedded inside.

    I wish to have the image captions/title/desc to be right underneath the images. How can I make the resolution only apply to the images? Right now this is just a guessing game as related to the image heightxwidth and setting a resolution for both the image and the title/desc

    as you see. the titles are off my page even though the should fit fine.

    that is the page that is going to be pulled into the iframe/fancybox.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Do you have a caching plugin on your website? When something only works after a certain amount of time, this is often the case.

    If you have an iframe or lightbox in a post, page or your theme you could possibly use the shortcode or the PHP snippet to show the slideshow in it. However, most lightboxes only apply to images or provide their own galleries.

    I’m sorry, the slideshow can’t dynamically adjust its height as almost all cases, the page it’s on doesn’t have a fixed height. The slideshow falls off the page on your website, that’s why the descriptions look like they’re off too.

    AS your images are not all of the same size, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to place the description boxes right below them. You could try to fiddle with a custom stylesheet for the slideshow. You can find out how to create a custom stylesheet in the FAQ section. My knowledge of CSS is not extensive enough to come up with the results you’d like to achive, though.

    Even on this page that is fixed,
    they aren’t right below the image.

    I found a fix however. BUt the content is no longer even on the baseline, but is snug beneath the images.

    <div class="slideshow_description slideshow_transparent" style="display: block; position: absolute; bottom: 0px;">

    Remove position: absolute; bottom: 0px;

    Also, No I don’t have a cache plugin, however i do have some security plugins right now. I did disable them but it still had the same issue. It seems to only be when I change the settings to a slide.

    Also that css change I mentioned above seems to take care of the description and title but not the controls for the slider…

    I just used a 3:1 ratio instead and it seemed to tidy it up a bit more, but I will be re-sizing and re-uploading all the images, so they will be the same height and width in the slideshow. I will just need to find that special ratio! Thanks!

    However, mobile support isn’t that great. does not supply an alternate styling or changes the dimensions to match the mobile screen width/height and hence the slideshow is SUPER tiny on mobile. Is there a fix or alternative workaround for this? or perhaps some extra code I could plugin that would make it a one-image slider by default whenever viewed on a mobile screen?

    Sorry for all the questions! Still a brilliant plugin!
    One of the only slideshows that allows a side-by-side slide, as my client wants before-and-afters to show together. Simple and easy to use as well.

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    You could possibly use CSS media queries to adapt the styling of the slideshow’s buttons when the screen size reduces to the size of a mobile device.

    It’s not possible to make the slideshow show just one image instead of two when dispalying on a mobile device. It’s a very nice suggestion though, but it will be incredibly hard to make to make it into a user-friendly format. At the moment there are a lot of features that have priority, so I won’t be able to place these responsive features very high on the project-board.

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