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    My site traffic falls after I log out to wordpress admin panel.

    From morning 8.00 to midnight 12.30 I observe my site status continuously.Sometimes around 2 to 3 times I visit my site for any UI enhancement and other UI related things, this means I visited my blog around 3 times which results in 6 to 10 page views.

    My main concern is, when I switch off my computer in night the traffic suddenly falls. My blog get around 1500 pageviews between morning 8.00 to midnight 12.30 but from midnight 12.30 to morning 8.00 I get only around 300 pageviews.

    I am really confused what to do in this situation, it is not possible to run my personal computer for 24 hours.

    For hosting, I am using one of the most popular and reliable hosting service and I also talked to the support about this but they are unable to provide the information.

    Please help me.

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  • Maybe people are asleep. Just a thought.

    Moderator James Huff


    Two possibilities:

    1. As mentioned above, most people prefer sleep at night, rather than browse the web. I know we live on a 24-hour world where many countries are awake while others are asleep, but you’ll be surprised to find that most of your traffic comes from the United States, followed by Europe.

    2. Your stats system may be tracking your own visits.

    That’s true of almost anyone’s website, just as there are days that are busier than usual.

    “I am really confused what to do in this situation, it is not possible to run my personal computer for 24 hours.”

    What you’re doing on your own PC has nothing to do with real stats. You’re not a unique visitor and your stats provide zero value to your site anyway.



    @thatjediguy: I visit my blog if I post new entry, on an average 3 times a day. Also I enabled the feature in wordpress status plugin which does not count my own visits to my blog.

    If I turn ON my computer 24 hours, the page view count goes around 3K and if not then it goes to 2.5K.But it is not possible to run my PC for 24 hours a day!

    I talked my hosting company but no luck..
    I just want to know if anyone ever experienced this problem…

    Here is my today’s status ( 4th Oct. 2010 ):
    From 12.30 AM midnight to 12.00 PM – 598 visits.
    On 1.00 PM – 767 visits
    On 2.00 PM – 915 visits
    On 3.00 PM – 1070 visits
    On 4.00 PM – 1208 visits
    On 5.00 PM – 1388 visits
    On 6.00 PM – 1574 visits

    Moderator James Huff


    Seriously, you don’t need to run your computer 24 hours a day. Having your computer on has nothing to do with people visiting your site.

    What you are seeing is perfectly normal. You will not see consistent stats 24 hours a day because people sleep and work.

    From 12.30 AM midnight to 12.00 PM – 598 visits: Normal. People are either sleeping or driving to work.

    On 1.00 PM – 767 visits: Normal. Most people are still at work.

    On 2.00 PM – 915 visits: Normal. Some people are starting to come home from work.

    On 3.00 PM – 1070 visits: Normal. More people are leaving work.

    On 4.00 PM – 1208 visits: Normal. More people have arrived home to browse their favorite websites.

    On 5.00 PM – 1388 visits: Normal. Folks across the country are still leaving work.

    On 6.00 PM – 1574 visits: Normal. Almost all of your audience should be home by now browsing their favorite websites.

    Seriously, stop worrying so much about hourly stats. At the end of the day, the only number that matters is the total visits per day.

    Again, leaving your PC on has nothing to do with who visits your site. You are seeing normal results indicative of normal human behavioral patterns.



    Thanks a lot James and other members for your help.

    Moderator James Huff


    You’re welcome!

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