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  • Hey again,
    I posted earlier about getting a comments/post page rather than index.php to show up and I was told to put a file called “single.php” into my theme directory. Done. Did it.

    However, it’s not showing up as my comments/post page. Am I doing something wrong here? Did I miss a step?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. If you dare to venture into my code, I apologize! It’s very sloppy right now, as I’m both a beginner and am in the process of building my site.

    P.S. #2: My site is located at btw

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  • No need to post about the same issue in two places. Reading just your post above I couldn’t figure out what your initial problem was…
    If you just saved your index.php as single.php – they will look the same. If you don’t want the sidebar in the single.php, don’t call it; i.e. delete the get_sidebar or whatever is calling it. (It still won’t be perfect because you’ll have to adjust the width of the content/post area in the CSS file. But with diligent work it can be done.)

    Yeah – I guess I really didn’t need to post a new topic about this.. sorry.

    However, I think you’re misunderstanding my situation. I didn’t just rename a file as “single.php” I made a different template without the sidebar (which is exactly what I wanted) and called it “single.php.” However, wordpress doesn’t seem to want to load that template hierarchically over index.php for comments, like it should.

    WP does recognize the page.php if it is done properly and is in the right place.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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