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    I’m editing the default kubrick template to achieve the look I want, I have most of my changes made and I have one small (I think) problem. When I click on a comment page I have a big gap (30ish px) between the header and the content. I scoured the stylesheet, I checked the .php, I tried to find the source using firebug and I cannot find what is causing the problem. You can see my issue here:

    I found one spot in the stylesheet that I thought was my culprit:

    .widecolumn .postmetadata {
    	margin: 30px 0;

    But that only impacts the postmetadata portion of the widecolumn, not the actual widecolumn div.

    Can anyone help me find my problem? Thanks in advance.

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  • The (unused) 70px+ navigation links at the top of the page content area are creating the gap.

    OK, stupid question… How would I turn those on or off, I’ve not seen that option.

    What I have done at this point was convert the single.php into a 2 column setup. This was what I really wanted anyway, and by using another help article I just changed the div class and added the sidebar call.

    So that was something I wanted that was unrelated to this, but it’s important for anyone still viewing the link.

    Anyways, the gap is still there – I’m assuming it’s the navigation div at the top of the single.php. I can just delete the entire div, right? If I figured out how to turn this on it would just be the horizontal nav I see on some WP pages?

    Thanks so much for the help.

    Either delete the nav div completely or move it to the bottom of the page content if you do need post-by-post navigation.

    Oh ok, so it shows up after I have multiple posts – that was what I wasn’t getting.

    I went ahead and made multiple posts so I could see what we’re talking about, now it makes sense and I moved it to the bottom as you recommended.

    Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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