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  • Each post on my site starts with

    <p class=textbox><b>TOPIC</b> description</p>

    where TOPIC is the main argument of the post (usually 1 or 2 words), and description is a brief sentence explaining more about the content. This textbox is shown in the excerpt of each post when searching for them using the search bar.

    In some cases the description contains <span class=boxed><b><font color=00CD00>V</font>|<font color=red>F</font></b></span>, which I later replaced with the shortcode [VF].

    But now I found out that shortcodes are now shown in the post excerpts, so I was thinking about a workaround with javascript: keep the notation [VF], delete its shortcode definition, and finally add a javascript which replaces it with the html code of the original shortcode definition.

    This is how the shortcode [VF] is actually defined

    function vf_sc( $atts ){
        return "<span class=boxed><b><font color=00CD00>V</font>|<font color=red>F</font></b></span>";
    add_shortcode( 'VF', 'vf_sc' );

    where the boxed class id defined as

    .boxed {
        padding: 0 5px;
        border: black 0.7px solid;

    Is it possibile to write a javascript which replaces the string [VF] with <span class=boxed><b><font color=00CD00>V</font>|<font color=red>F</font></b></span>, so that even by deleting the definition of the shortcode, I can still write [VF] in the editor and obtain the same output?

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    Is this a template you’ve written that calls the_excerpt()? If so, you might try changing that to echo do_shortcode( get_the_excerpt() );.

    But now I found out that shortcodes are now shown in the post excerpts

    You should look into this first. In the code, you can see that the first thing done is to strip the shortcodes. This removes all registered shortcodes.

    If you don’t want to see the shortcode in the excerpt, you could do a Search/Replace in your database. You could also define manual excerpts. You could also make sure the shortcodes are expanded instead of stripped, before the excerpt is generated.

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    @sterndata Thank you, I am using the plugin Advanced Excerpt, I don’t have templates, instead I write the <p class=textbox><b>TOPIC</b> description</p> at the very beginning of each post, and the plugin shows just that <p> and nothing else. That is, I don’t have to manually create the excerpts.

    @joyously Thank you, I do want to see the shortcode in the excerpts. Since I have a hundreds of posts it is handy to have a plugin (advanced excerpt) which automatically creates the excerpts.

    I tried this javascript to replace the string [VF], but it doesn’t work, why?

    function myFunction() {
      var str = document.getElementsByClassName("textbox")[0].innerHTML;
      var res = str.replace("[VF]", "test");
      document.getElementsByClassName("textbox")[0].innerHTML = res;

    I don’t know about your JS attempt, but I think it’s better to change it in PHP, before it gets to the browser.
    It is likely because of your plugin that you are seeing the shortcodes at all, otherwise they would be stripped out. So you can change the plugin or use one of the other suggestions I gave before.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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