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    Wordpressers, I’m looking for a plugin that will allow me to design and send emails from WordPress, I’m NOT talking about newsletters I won’t be collecting lists, I just want to be able to send emails ad-hoc, I did find a simple email client for wordpress that allowed you to send an email as and when you wanted to individuals, this is the type of thing I’m looking for, really a way to respond to emails to our regular email addresses that could do with prettying up a bit or if anyone knows of any mail clients that offer the same, I used to use incredimail.

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  • What type of email would you like to send? Transactional email or other? If other, please state the type/nature of the emails you’d like to send. The solution may vary depending on what you’d like to do, hence the question. Please note that by transactional emails, I mean emails for things like password resets, form notifications, order confirmations, etc.

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