• Thanks for this. I use it often, and it works well.

    One suggestion, if I may… I tend to like the TOC at the bottom of the page. If a reader arrives at at the top of a sub page – via search perhaps – it isn’t immediately obvious how to find page 1. Would be nice if the title on each page was a link back to the introduction.

    Thanks again!

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  • Plugin Author Sergio De Falco


    Thanks, I appreciate.
    I will think about your suggestion.

    Thread Starter zoltanthegypsy


    Grateful that you’re willing to consider suggestions 🙂

    This is all way above my pay grade, but something near the top of the page – Subject being a link, or a collapsing TOC drop-down, or ??? – that makes it easy to pop back to the start.

    My articles have tended to have large/long pages lately and the TOC isn’t visible until a reader finds their way to the bottom. Putting the TOC at the top (an option now) can help but can affect page readability – depending on content and formatting.

    thanks and regards,

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