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    I have read the 1-star reviews and NONE of them I found I could relate to. We were searching for a membership plugin and we came across WPBeginner’s article on their recommendations for membership plugins and found s2Member there. WPBeginner is huge in the WordPress community! We are seriously impressed with this plugin and we highly recommend it. It was compatible with our theme’s login and registration and has been completely compatible with our theme all-around. We were able to restrict our content how we pleased. Mainly, we show partial content for some of our forums for logged out users. We use a bbPress based theme, which works seamlessly. Another thing that we were drawn to was the fact that this plugin has a free version and a one-time payment for their pro version, which includes future updates. We also felt very confident in the fact that they have been doing this for years so there is a vested interest.

    You can restrict content with shortcodes, PHP conditionals, PHP query conditionals, custom capabilities, and a lot more. We have not found ANY limitations to what we are trying to accomplish. Everything for us has been a very smooth process.

    Love the fact that you can create a membership program or sell an unlimited amount of individual content. The user does not even have to leave your site in order to make a purchase! I also love how they immediately give you step-by-step instructions to get started; the guide was perfect and I would’ve been lost without it. Everything was straight-forward and user-friendly!

    Moreover, the videos are pretty dated but they all still work just fine. I have watched most of them and found them very useful. s2Member also has a MASSIVE database of information to help you. If you have a question, it most likely already has been answered. If not, they have a straight-forward forum where the community and/or staff has helped us when we had questions. They have phenomenal support and I cannot thank them enough.

    Overall, they exceeded our expectations! Try the free version, you literally have nothing to lose. We are confident that you will get really good use out of it!

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