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  • In the WordPress Admin GUI: Options/Discussions are two Comment Moderation filters: Number of URLs allowed in a comment and a list of forbidden words.
    In the functions.php file is the function check_comment which matches against ‘comment_max_links’ and the forbidden words, called ‘moderation_keys’. (Ought to be called ‘forbidden_words’)

    If I after the line: $word = trim($word); add the line $word=strtolower($word); I don’t have to worry about upper and lower casing the forbidden words.

    Then: If check_comment returns false we set the variable $aproved=1.
    If I under this line add the new line: die( __(‘Spam word encountered. Comment not allowed’) );

    Would I not make the default WordPress spamguard stronger and allow it to simply discard all comments flagged before they reach the moderation queues in the comment table?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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