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  • Hey guys,

    What’s up?

    I have a little problem with a shortcode I made. When it returns the informations it returns it twice… Better explain with an example:

    Below the header picture you will see this: 2 652 54 31125 rue des Combattants – 1310 La HulpeMardi matin sur rendez-vous – après-midi 14h00 – 18h30Mercredi – Jeudi – Vendredi – Samedi 10h00 – 18h30Dimanche 10h30 – 13h00 & 14H30 – 17h301er Vendredi du mois ouvert jusqu’à 20h00

    And on the right side you will see the same informations with my icons…

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    Thanks for helping me ! 🙂

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  • Here is the code

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    Sorry I didn’t explain what was my real problem… At the start of the loop when displaying on my page it returns my variables… I don’t know why and I just want to display the variables next to my icons.

    The strange think is when I put plain text like replacing this
    get_option_tree( 'tel', '', true, false, -1 );

    by plain text like +33 6 499 883 or HELLO it works… (it does not return +33 6 499 883 or HELLO twice) but only next to my icons.

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