• There is no any shortcode in this plugin, if someone asked then mister developer said that email me the version…mr. developer, what is your problem to display the shortcodes for different versions without email?? if you want the email i.d then before downloading give the registration form and get the email i.d in today’s world people have not to much time due to which they will mail you and wait the reply from your side..that’swhy we are not giving you good rating…

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  • Plugin Author rohitashv


    Hey bro

    Firstly thank you for downvoting me so I come to know that some people are so cheap that do not read the whole description written on so simple language. I would try to make the language more simple or would try to translate it in Hindi also.

    It is clearly written in the plugin that showing on front end is a premium feature and front end cannot be accessed by short code only.

    And it is not mentioned anywhere in the plugin that to get short code you have to send mail. You have to mail if you want to discuss more if you don’t get more information via the site given in the mail.

    I am not afraid with the downvotes you can give me more downvotes by creating more fake ID but the truth is with the right.

    If you have any problem with the plugin then you could discuss or if you think that I don’t deserve for the price of premium plugin then you should also stop the freelancing work. Because my work is somewhere better than you. I don’t demotivate to anyone like you to save some Takas

    lot of plugin’s are available in free of cost..not to worry, any one can download. and for your kind information i am not doing freelancing anymore.
    go and earn lot of takas from those people who are new in this profession..i will post lots of free link of the plugins in this regard which is much better than of yours….

    Plugin Author rohitashv


    If lots of plugins are available then why you are tensed with emarksheet. Go and use them without any problem.

    I have not forced you to use the premium problem.

    If you have so much tension of society then why you don’t create your own totally free school management plugin.

    But I know you can’t design because no one can work so much without hope of money .

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