• So I put up a new site for my daughter, installed Sucuri and when it asked to recover the key, I used the email address of my site that I had previously installed Sucuri on. Now when I log into my site, in the alerts, I’m seeing alerts from her site!

    Also, on my site, I’m seeing alerts from users and IP’s that have nothing to do with my site. Thought I could upload images because I do have screen shots. Link instead


    But the main question has to do with sharing keys.

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  • @flyswatter You can’t share the keys(they are unique to your website), but you should be able to generate more than one key using the same email address and just inputting your new website on the form.

    Thanks g0tr00t

    <head slap> Guess they are different keys

    Did you happen to look at the image links?

    I don’t understand how my site was logging alerts from those IP’s

    Hi FlySwatter,

    We are seeing an identical problem to yours, with incorrect API Audit Logs being shown NOT from our own website but from some random other persons.

    The incorrect logs appear until you hit refresh (F5) then your own Audit Logs typically do appear and the incorrect logs disappear. I started another thread on this topic just now.



    Good to know, sort of. I noticed it again a day or so ago and I don’t think it’s a shared api issue. I’m going to keep tracking this down and if I find an answer I’ll post back.

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