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  • I made a patch with some improvements:

    • i18n of services’ names
    • filters for services’ names in links
    • missing textdomain from gettext function
    • filter for exclusion of custom post types

    Filters for names of services are added because of languages that use cases, where just translation of service’s name is not enough.

    For example, in Serbian we can have Подели ово: Фејсбук for Share this: Facebook, but we’ll have Подели ово на: Фејсбуку for Share this on: Facebook.

    Filter for post types is added because Sharedaddy uses is_single function so if posts are chosen as option, it adds sharing on all post types except pages.

    Note that we still won’t have post meta box for exclusion since post types are not supported well (it’s wpcom centric plugin).

    Please include updated POT file in next release.

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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    Thanks dimadin, I’ll take a look at these and merge them in with the next version.

    Hey! I use this nice plugin from yesterday. Ive notice a problem when using the email function. The email sended takes as adress
    Did you find how to change it with a fixed adress. I think it’s not interesting for the receiver to know the website system is a wordpress, i would prefer the ability to enter the sending adress in the parameters.

    Best regards

    Plugin Author John Godley


    You can use a plugin to change the default WordPress from address. For example:



    hm hm just didn’ find where are the f**** parameters? nope in tools either in settings?

    You didn’t read instructions:


    1. In the Plugins page in WordPress click the edit button next to the plugin in the list.
    2. Scroll down until you see a note saying ‘Configure it’
    3. Enter your name and email as shown
    4. If you don’t enter a new address the default ‘wordpress@’ will remain

    If that is complicated for you, try Mail From.

    Thanks Dimadin!!! Understood (this time) and done!!!

    Best regards!


    I made another patch, see more at ticket.

    I! do you mean you made an update to the whole plugin?
    Happy New Year!

    No, I made a proposal for next update, here I’m just informing John about it.

    The drag-n-drop of the buttons to enable it is not working.

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Deaf258, how are they not working? What version of WordPress are you using? Do you have JavaScript enabled? Have you tried another browser? Do you have any other plugins running that may be interfering with Sharedaddy?

    Yeah, after the last comment here, I was playing around some more with some plugins and trying to see what works for me. It looks like one plugin is in conflict with another plugin. I am trying to find out which one it is. I am using the latest WordPress 3.0.4. I have Javascript enabled. I tried it on IE 8, FF 3.6.13 and Chrome 8.0.552.224. I checked the debug and it said the js in that plugin hangs up everything else with javascript on the admin sharedaddy setting page. The WP admin sidebar expand buttons wouldn’t work only when I am on sharedaddy’s setting page. I tried disabling the plugins. Sharedaddy worked when it is the only plugin enabled. I am going to try completing my settings for sharedaddy and see what happens when I turn on the plugins one at a time. Will keep you posted.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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