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  • Versions: WP v.4.1.1, BuddyPress v 2.2.1, bbPress v 2.5.6
    Multisite installation (4 sites in total), Directory Install – root, Fresh Install
    Running:Locally on MAMP and on Amazon EC2 CentOS 6x

    I have a network of 4 sites. I am using buddyPress on 2 of them and there are predefined groups. Each group has 15 members and each group has its own private forum (discussion board). I have tried integrating buddyPress with bbPress, which seems to work perfectly up until I have figured out the following: when accessing the Group 1 on site1 I can see the forum assigned to the group, but however when I go to site2 and access the same group from there, it says: there is no forum assigned to this group”.

    In my admin panel I can see the forum on only the site I have created it on (site1), but not on others. I want to know if it is possible to make forums shared across sites and make the users of the same group have the ability to access the same forum from both site1 and site2.

    I have tried resolving these problems with different themes (default ones) but not luck. My groups are definitely shared across all sites, as I am able to see all the assigned members from any given site (site1, site2, site3, site4).

    Any help would be much appreciated !

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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