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  • Hello,

    I just downloaded and activated your plugin but while it shows all of my SQL queries perfectly, it doesnt’t show any of the session variables I am manipulating.

    The session array simply appears as:

    $_SESSION = array (

    I am manipulating about 7/8 variables and echoing them out at the top of my page. I am actually var_dump – ing them to the screen and it looks as follows:

    array(2) { [“ViewType”]=> string(12) “StandardView” [“WebsiteLanguage”]=> string(7) “English” }

    I thought that your plugin would also show me the current session values stored for the user accessing the page? Have I installed / configured this incorrectly?

    Kind Regards


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  • Plugin Author Greg Winiarski


    the data from $_SESSION and other global variables is “cached” when BlackBox is initiated.

    I am guessing that BlackBox is started before your plugin/theme starts the session so the variable is empty.

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