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  • Hello everyone. I’d like to tap the expertise of the more seasoned WordPress developers here. I’m experiencing heavy server load, and have run out of answers.

    First, let me explain what I’m on:

    • – Dedicated server, Dual Xeon 2.8ghz, 2gb ram, 2×80 SATA
    • – Apache 1.3.37, PHP 4.4.4 and MySQL 4.1.21-standard

    Here’s what I’ve attempted to do to make the server run more efficiently.

    • – Tweaked the MySQL (my.cnf) settings as much as I possibly can
    • – Added eAccelerator / Zend Optimizer to the server
    • – Tweaked Apache as best as I could

    Site Traffic is about 15,000 visitors and 50,000 pageviews a day. About 1500 comments per week, and about 30-40 new posts a week.

    My webhost is unwilling to help me any further, as the site slows to a crawl at peak times.

    I have tried wp-cache and it seems to break my site.

    Here’s what my host said to me:

    “You simply have an *extreme* number of database connections on the server. Tweaking the MySQL global configuration isn’t going to help anything here, you need to check the code running these queries on the site and make sure those are efficient.”

    And when I asked for their help, they responded:

    “The server will need to be tuned on your end. We will not be able to assist you on our side as this is beyond our scope of support.”

    1. Has anyone had a similar experience and can share their results?
    2. Are there wordpress/server consultants that can dig deep into my installation to further determine ways to “digg-proof” my site. I’ve tried nearly everything.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I’d like to further add that my host gave me this information.

    Is this something I can do myself and investigate within wordpress? Are there any plugins that help close SQL connections anywhere?

    I have seen a number of cases recently where the MySQL code was not properly closed which resulted in too many MySQL connections remaining open. You will want to check the code to ensure that not only does it close the MySQL connection, but that it also clears the RAM from the connection:

    #connect to mysql
    $link = mysql_connect(‘localhost’, ‘database_user’, ‘database_password’);

    #run query
    $sqlString = “(SELECT variable1, varable2, … and so on $result = mysql_query($sqlString);

    #cleanup memory

    #close mysql connection

    I’m coming across this problem myself. Did you ever get this resolved?

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