• I’m in South Korea at the moment and I think I’m being cyber stalked by the US military. Hinky things have been happening when I try to post on blogger. I remeber hearing somewhere that the SK government has some control over blogger accounts, but can’t remember where I read that. Does anyone know where that’s at?
    I don’t feel particularly comfortable having spooks read my personal communications, so I have more than a passing interest in security. For the record I don’t intend to wage a terrorist war or even break any laws. It’s a matter of principal.
    I was planning to move over to WP when I got some tech issues sorted, but this just provided some impetous. How secure is a WP blog? I realise it probably wasn’t designed to withstand attack by shadowy government agencies, but I’d be interested to know. I’m fairly computer illeterate – does the security of a blog depend mostly on the sever it’s on? What things could I do to lessen the chance of the intelligence people screwing me about? I’m posting from an internet cafe (which probably doesn’t help – I think the SK government has fairly far-reaching internet monitoring laws), but when I get a computer, should I be running Linux for example?
    The irony is I didn’t use to care much about internet privacy. Now I do.
    So any help you can give me would be most appreciated – links to stories, articles, a computer illiterate’s guide to securit, anything!

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    What aspect of security are you worried about ?
    After all, if you don’t want people reading what you write, don’t post it on the internet.
    If it’s that private, and if that information being seen by others would either be damaging or upsetting, then don’t put it on the internet.

    What ‘hinky’ things happen when you try to post?

    just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after me 🙂

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