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    There seems to be something odd about the search function on links library. I have a link called “Notice 2004-79.” If I search for Notice 2004-79, I get every link that has “notice” in it, not the specific one I am searching for. If I search for 2004-79, I get nothing at all.

    Given that my site deals with tax law, there are a lot of links with numbers in their titles. Is there some way to fix this?

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    Hi Carol,

    I will not be able to get to your question until next week as I am leaving for a work trip tomorrow until Sunday.

    I am planning a re-write of the search in Link Library over the summer, so this might only be something that will be addressed once I tackle that project.



    Is it possible to create two pages with two different sets of link libraries (2 libraries)?

    Looking forward to hearing about this after you get back from your trip. Thanks!


    Hi Yannick,

    Fantastic plugin, though the search functionality is indeed a bit limited. Here’s some feature suggestions:
    1. different label for the button and the default input value
    2. ability to turn off cats/cats descriptions for search result only
    3. filter out duplicate results (occurs when a link is in multiple cats)
    4. show searchresults from certain cats only (option to use ID’s similar to “categories to be displayed” in the general settings)
    5. multiple input boxes (or dropdownlists) with a boolean operator between them, allowing a user to find a link that is in cat x AND cat y. Or when already displaying cat x, allow a user to filter on cat y or another search term.

    I’m using link library with many links and many are in multiple cats. Problem was duplicate search results and cats/cats description being shown. I noticed that the search results are filtered by the “Categories to be displayed”, yet doesn’t prevent links from being displayed when clicking a category link (not sure if that’s a feature or a bug).

    So, what I did was create a category for search results, put its ID in “Categories to be displayed” to make it a search filter and added that category to all links, thus showing all results as usual, but without duplicates. And with the option to display a custom “search results” description. To display all category links on the page I’m using the custom cats shortcode.

    I’m telling this because I hope that you will either not remove the search behaviour, or add some of the features above.



    you can modify the file link-library.php, find the line 875 (version 3.5.1) and comment on the line
    if (ctype_alpha($searchterm) == true)

    the reason you cannot search number is the function ctype_alphta(), which only limits search on alphabet.

    hope the plugin author can fix this problem, because changing code is not good enough. when you update this plugin, everything will be gone.

    Just What I was looking for. Thank you very much jircas

    I hope Yannick can fix it to support this great plugin.


    Thanks, jircas! That’s got the problem fixed for now. And I’m hoping that he will have it fixed permanently the next time he updates.

    Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    I have addressed this problem in the latest version of the plugin. The alpha check had been done as an overzealous way to avoid SQL injection queries.

    Thanks, Yannick! I’m sure the visitors to my site will appreciate the change.

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