• TripleA stole 76.7 USDT from me. I will not remove this review until the issue is resolved. My email is dona*a****6@*m*il*com, I removed part of it, but I think the support team will understand what email it is.

    I tried to top up my Razer Gold wallet, and I chose the “cryptocurrency” payment method. Nowhere was I informed that my payment could be delayed, nowhere. They just gave me the details and said “Send this amount to this wallet.” I sent them exactly 76.7 USDT to their wallet, after which, a message appeared on the payment screen saying “Something went wrong, contact us.” After I contacted them, they asked for information about the origin of the cryptocurrency, which I provided them with immediately. After that, they said they would “investigate this” and there has been no response from them for a week.

    They just took my money, while saying they were “investigating” something, although their “investigation” has been going on for a week now. I was not informed on the payment site that my money could be delayed for clarification and investigation.

    It’s obvious that the plugin is just scamming people. Do not use it. Again, if the problem is resolved, I am willing to remove this review.

    And if you see that this review is still here, DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. SCAM!

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  • Mark lu


    Is the problem solved now? I also encountered a similar problem.

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