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  • Hi philip, delete the file .downloads in the gallery directory manually by ftp or shell… The gallery only handles image files… Thats why it’s saying that error (I will note the error message so i can handle it)…

    Great! That fixed the error … the thumbnail(s) are very small – barely visible … any idea what I may have done wrong?

    That’s strange. Is your setting ok in the optionsmenu (width of thumbnails)?

    Dan, is this correct for the html? => wp-content/gallery//.thumbs/00250001.JPG

    Twice a slash doesn’t seem to be wright, or is it? On my testpage ( this is the same but working ok.

    Philip: You can edit the size of the thumbnails in options -> gallery in the administration…

    Moxie: Thats not a problem for any webserver, but that should be corrected… i will fix that bug too 😀

    Thanks Dan. And by the way, var Moxie == “Jack” 🙂

    Dan: The thumbnail size is set to 120 (the default).

    Could you go and look inside your gallerydirectory? Did you mistakenly delete the .thumbs directories? (these are hidden directories by default)

    Moxie: There is a .thumbs directory, although it has only one thumbnail in the folder. I have 20+ images in the gallery folder.

    OK. Made some progress…as I mentioned, there was only (1) thumbnail in the .thumbs directory. I realized that the filename was image.JPG.PNG — but the source was looking for .JPG. So, renaming the thumbnail fixed the problem.
    Next, how do tell Rum Gallery to create the thumnails? How do I remove the border — change CSS? I’ll be looking at it…

    Philip could you send me an url to one of the pictures you are testing with? So i can se what might be wrong 🙂

    Looking at the example of philipR is seems as if you’ve already changed the ‘width’ to ‘largest’ side Dan?

    Philip, yes, the border can be changed by

    div.imgrapper img {

    Sure. Sorry for the late reply. Here’s a link

    Maybe wrong image format?
    I’ve been playing around with SPG also, can RUM Gallery have multiple galleries?

    Thanks Moxie for the CSS!!

    philipr what exactly do you mean with multiple galleries?

    Btw. what exactly are you guys doing with the guitars? Im a guitarist myself 🙂

    RummandDan: I thought we would have a single menu item (not built yet) that will go directly to the gallery. This would be the main gallery, but have a gallery per guitar. Similar to SPG… if you go to the site now, SPG is activated, but I really liked the way you set it up and would rather use Rum Gallery if we can get the thumbnail issue resolved.
    I’m a Senior .NET developer trying to build a site for my Classical guitar teacher that he can update himself. I ran accross WP and thought it would be a good solution. Anyway, his real passion is building guitars and the site is to promote the guitars he builds. The pictures don’t do them justice – they sound unbelievable.

    Dan, if I would want some thumbs to make manually, for instance because the proportions of the image doesn’t match the others, how would I do that? Would I download and alter the already made thumbnail, modify it and upload again into the .thumbs directory? Would this cause problems with this plugin?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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