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    Hi there,

    The row close field seems not to work for me. Apologies if it’s something I’m doing wrong but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Everything under Row open seems to be sorted into columns ignoring row end. Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Henry

    Which version of ACF and WP are you using?

    Thank you

    I’m using ACF version 4.4.11 and WordPress version 4.7.1

    I’m having the same problem!
    WordPress version 4.7.1

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    @henry and @mohammed Which fields are you using before trying to close the row?

    I started my row open field
    I finished with a row close field
    But the field after row close, as Tier 2 are each!

    Hi sorry I missed this, its text fields before the row close field. is that what you mean?

    I think I see the problem. In ‘input.js’ line 20 you are scanning ahead for an element with the class “acf-field-row”, but the row-close field doesn’t have this class on it. Perhaps this is a recent change in ACF? I can see that the row-close field carries a class “field_type-row” — perhaps this is the new convention?

    Anyhow, I updated input.js in my copy of the plugin and changed:
    var content = $el.nextUntil(‘.acf-field-row’);
    var content = $el.nextUntil(‘.field_type-row’);
    and it now works fine for me.

    I haven’t made a pull request for this because I think it needs some more investigation to find at what version the classes were changed, and maybe make the code use the correct classes for the ACF version. But I hope this is useful.

    PS, I have ACF:MFPR v1.0.5 with ACF v4.4.11 on WP 4.7.2

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    Thank you @dcwarwick, will look into it.

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