• Be carefull, these guys are true conmen. You will be lured in with a free account, then all of a sudden they will be taking money of your bankaccount on a monthly basis.

    Closing down your account is a disaster too. Be warned!

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  • Plugin Author ICEPAY


    Dear Djavin,

    We are terribly sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience using our services; this is not our intention and we feel bad that our message has been misinterpreted. However, as a user, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with all information regarding subscriptions, information which is clearly stated on our website. It is possible to create a free test account without any commitments and/or obligations, in this way we allow all users to take a look into, explore and experience the ICEPAY platform for free before activation. Once a decision is reached and if our solution fits their needs, they are able to activate their account (red, green, blue or black variant). We only start charging the monthly fee after the user has activated the account. We would like to look into your situation to see where it went wrong so please can you send us an email, with mention of your Customer ID, to info@icepay.com?

    I am looking into my legal options. Singlesided ‘updating’ my contract, and taking money out of my bankaccount is outrageous.

    Even getting out of the contact is a pain. I have a year contract now all of a sudden? And I can get out of this in 3 months? That is not even legal under Dutch law. Automatic prolongations are limited to a 1 month cancellation…

    If you are allowed to change contract terms one sided, without my consent is something I will investigate. I better get my money back. ‘if the solutions fit my needs’? Not really the case, I will email you my info, perhaps your pr department is more truthfull then the administrative one…

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Normally I wouldn’t comment on a commercial dispute other to suggest it get taken away from the forums as commercial products aren’t supported here nor is this the place to handle disputes like this.

    This is why software as a service often drives me batty in the plugins section.

    However, as a user, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with all information regarding subscriptions, information which is clearly stated on our website.

    Sorry, but where on the pages listed here does it inform the user of a 1 year contract?


    The closest I’ve found is this.

    Do I require an ICEPAY merchant account before I can use the ICEPAY WordPress WooCommerce Online Payment Plugin?

    Yes, in order to use this plugin and offer all popular online payment methods within your WooCommerce webshop you require a valid and approved ICEPAY account. Please visit the ICEPAY website for more information.

    But that doesn’t really do it.

    If you’re going to put the onus back on your users then you really need to provide that verbiage other than a link to your web site.

    Thanks for your support Jan, I think it’s a benefit that there are forums for plugins like this, as also the inappropriate plugins get commented on and people can be warned about business practices that aren’t what we’d expect them to be.

    I have had a short confirmation on my cancellation, haven’t heard from the pr department that asked me to reply as done above. I will wait and see what their response is, or get my legal insurance to have a look at it and see how I can get my money back.

    Haven’t heard from them since, so let everybody make there on decision on this. But you can guess my advise… Go elsewhere!

    @jan Dembowski ICEPAY send me a written confirmation, that at least my contract is terminated. However they keep deducting money from my account.

    Is it possible to give a plugin repository moderator insights into my case, and then ban this fraudulent company / plugin from the repository? I can show you who this company acts and this behaviour really does not belong in the WordPress community.

    Plugin Author ICEPAY


    Dear Djavin,

    Our customer care department contacted you recently and we are glad we were able to sort out this issue. Since you didn’t use our services for a long period, we found it reasonable to terminate your contract, even though officially the contract would end as of 17th of May 2015.

    We would to hear your feedback regarding our approach!

    Kind Regards,


    After two months, you respond, whilst still charging my bill? Which you have done since september 2013 without my consent. What do you think? But I am very happy not be in any way connected to Icepay, so congratulations to that approach. I’ll look into my bankrecords again next month to see if this time you did not take money out just the same. Although that would be hard as i’ve called my bank to disable ‘incasso’. First time in my life I had to do so. I have asked them to withdraw the last 2 months of payment that I have never agreed upon too.

    With regards of your business practices, I am still open to the WordPress plugin repository admins / community moderators to give further insight into this case. As stated by Icepay; 1600 people were updated from their free subscription to a paid one, and as stated in the message above, they still try to lure people into year contracts without their knowlegde or consent.

    Despite the great action, to terminate my contract, I still strongly despise of Icepay’s business practices. Lets hope you will update your services to a more open and honest approach. We will see the reviews accross the web pick up on it if you do. Long live an open web.

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