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  • I ran into an error upgrading to 1.5 from a beta and ended up deleting everything and starting over. Before clearing out the database I backed it up using vDeck’s backup feature which has created a zip for me with 3 different file types inside. There are FRM’s MYD’s and MYI’s…when I try to use vDeck’s RESTORE database feature it doesn’t work. Also, going into phpMyAdmin and restoring the zip from there doesnt work either.

    Any ideas/comments/suggestions would be appreciated. (Should I have thought to do a backup from WITHIN phpMyAdmin? Yes, I should have…but moving on…)

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  • Can you decompress it to text and try it that way? Sorry if you’ve tried that already.

    I’m just not sure which files to use…if I open them in a text editor, it doesn’t ‘seem’ to have any syntax telling it what post its in, or how to interpret it….is it a lot smarter than I’m giving it credit for?

    Oh yeah. Yikes, I hope someone else jumps in soon…cuz I have no idea. I’m just firing stuff out there hoping something catches. =/

    Why couldn’t vDeck restore it? Does it say corrupted file or something else?

    Well, vdeck SAYS ‘DB Restored’ but none of the posts show up, no categories reappear, and no comments are available….I emailed tech support and sent them the files so that they could restore them manually from server side and reboot the server but they responded saying that they get an error when they try this….It think they’re going to give me year free hosting before I’ done with them…..I’m quite livid….Any other suggestions?

    Have you unzipped the file ?
    have you tried importing into the sql by cutting / pasting ?

    If you want me to have a look, you could send it to me and I’ll see what I can do ? No promises, but I’ll try my best for you.

    tamba2 at gmail dot com

    Yea podz, I tried unzipping and upping the files but not cutting/pasting….please, take a look….I just emailed it…and thanks in advance for taking the time to lend a hand if ya can!

    Sorted !

    Well…… did you expect less ? Rah!

    You are QUITE amazing, my friend. Thank you SO much for sorting all that information in the tar file….I owe you HUGE! This is what makes open source communities so great!

    Podz, you’re awesome…want a case of diet coke? 😉

    And a box of jaffa cakes.
    (by morning will be fine)

    taverymuchly 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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