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  • Can I retrieve posts from my old blog. I changed a directory setting and now I can not access the admin panel. I can however ftp into the directories (on Yahoo!). I’ve searched for the posts but can’t find them. Any suggestions on how I can retrieve them so I can port them to my new host? Thanks!

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  • Can you fix your blog you mean? Sure. Your posts are all still safe and sound in the database where they belong.

    This tutorial should help:

    Thank you. I am going to work on it right now. Thanks!


    Actually, having a bit of trouble. I changed hosting servcices from Yahoo! to GoDaddy, and set up the new blog on GoDaddy. I would like to retrieve the posts off Yahoo! and import them into my new site on GoDaddy. I reinstalled WordPress on the the new host so I am starting all over.


    You can import the database, another of Podz’s tutorials:

    Then use the previous tutorial to correct any issues with new domain name, etc.

    Thank you. I am studying the tutorial now. I appreciate your help!

    You are quite welcome. Absolutely check back if any of it causes a long scratch of the head, however, it’s well written, so you should be fine 🙂

    Oh, thanks so much. Alas, I can’t seem to get it working despite all the help. I backed up my old database but the archive contains several directories and I am not which one is the one to use. Even at that, I can’t seem to paste anything in from any directory nor is there an import file option.

    Perhaps at this point it’s best to suck up the loss and move on with new posts. Thank you very much for your help!

    P.S. I have some posts from a blog that I started originally, and I’ve tried to port those over via this site:

    But I don’t know how to transfer files to the .com site. I know this isn’t your domain, but I wonder if you can offer some help here. Posts to that site are unaswered at this point. Thanks again!

    On the .com blog, go to Manage -> Export.
    Click on Download Export file and save the resulting file somewhere on your hard drive.

    Now, assuming you followed ALL the instructions at … On your new blog, go to Import. Click “WordPress” and point it at that file you just made in the first paragraph.

    Thank you! It worked (partially). Well enough to enconcourage me to keep going. I think I was just misunderstanding the intrcutions. Thanks for your help.


    Hello again. I retrieved some posts from my old blog, but rescuing the posts from my server hosted blog eludes me. I don’t think I saved the sql in the proper format (I used Yahoo’s sql utility rather than phpMyAdmin). And I already cancelled the old hosting account, so I can not redo the save. I did however ftp all the blog files to my computer for backup. Is it possible to somehow harverst my posts from the saved files? I can’t seem to find them.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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