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  • Dear Mr. Automattic,

    After following your instructions and reading the solution you provided to Mark de Scande, I am formally requesting that you make your plugin easier to use.

    Things that caused a bit of a stumble for me are:

    * after installation the menu on the left that appears as “sites” does not have an entry called “settings” which could have taken me to the “Push Syndicate Settings” page quite easily.

    * What are the purposes of “site groups”? on the sites page I don’t see anywhere that I can sort by “site groups” or even use them as a filter.

    * why can’t the settings page ask for me to set a random key right then and there and then have the plugin load the define? That would be much simpler than having someone edit any one of their numerous wp files. As such in my case while I am very experienced, I did manage to leave out a semicolon, thankfully I knew what to do to fix it in a hurry. A newb to wp would not know how to do that. Instant site breakage and your plugin will never get revisited again. 🙁

    # as for Mark’s issue, you might want to considering making a page in your plugin that is capable of manually firing the cron functions and making it visible so folks like Mark who have disabled their wp-cron can add it to their server crons instead. Like what wpematico does.

    Btw, I have successfully installed and will let you know either way if it is working in a few hours.


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  • Hmm, well I just had wpematico pull in about 8 new posts and I have yet to see a single one cross post to my page.

    Is it possible you could make a screen cast youtube video showing us how you set up your plugin?

    Plugin Contributor Prasath Nadarajah


    Thanks for the feedback!

    * We added “Push Syndicate Settings” in the settings page because adding under sites resulted in URL conflicts when connecting to REST API

    *After defining the sites you must group them into sitegroups and only sitegroups appear in the syndication metabox. listing all the sites defined will not create a usable interface when there is more than 100 sites. You must tick the sitegroups you want to push and the plugin will push posts to all the sites defined in that sitegroup.

    * Defining the key as a named constant rather than an entry in the database adds more security. If the database is compromised the hacker can easily decrypt all the password using the key and the hash. By adding named constants we need both the source files and database to decrypt all the passwords.

    This was an initial version we released and we are working on improvements. we expect to release and improved version soon.

    Thanks for the quick feedback but the paranoia adds an extreme level of complexity to the plugin.

    Perhaps you need add a paranoia block that when set requires you set manually as directed defines scripts but when not set database fields will be sufficient. In other words leave it up to the site owner to decide the level of complexity. After all they might have something like Wordfence installed and having your idea of security might not be beneficial, needed or warranted.

    My other question to you is how does know how to decrypt the data if you set the encryption seed on your side with a define but you don’t set it anywhere else? I only ask because the program doesn’t appear to pushing as you said it would in description and I have setup as far as I can tell exactly according to your instructions. Which is why I have requested a video or screencast.

    The point is the plugin is complicated.


    I am having some difficulty in understanding what I must do after I have edited the wp-config.php; created a site, assigned it to a group (the connection to the site is successful) it is set to xmlrpc.

    My question what do I do with the Instruction “Enter the URI as follows”

    What do I enter in the field Client ID and What is my secret? I am trying to push post from one independent site to another to avoid copy and pasting, but right now that is seeming less complicated. Not trying to offend or be funny. I have 20 year old development skills in client/server, no hands on in web development (been an IT exec for too long). I would appreciate the help. Thanks

    The originating site: the receiving site is

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