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  • I was trying to code my theme before but was having problems with getting it to work right with all of the tags.. not knowing which page and which tag did what.

    So then, I tried removing all CSS from a theme to make it blank so I could figure out which each part was. But, that made it so the page doesn’t scroll at all and it ran down the page and you can’t see it anymore.

    If someone could just give me a link to a download of a blank theme (sidebar on the left, please) it would help a lot. 😀

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  • These two links aren’t blank themes to download, but they will help you understand how they work and how to make your own.

    Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 1

    Well, I actually understand how they work..

    Its mainly displaying the posts.. the content part I guess, that I’m having trouble with. The sidebar is really easy to edit. The problem I’m having with this is all the codes with the content.

    If I just had a basic template I could do it.

    Those are great links, thanks Marc.

    The “basic” template is the “classic” template included in your wordpress install. As far as having a “blank template,” I’m afraid that the classic template is going to be about as blank as they come.

    Oh yeah, I was going to say that most people are intimidate to start mucking around with templates because they only have one blog and it’s live, so they don’t want readers seeing screwed up content. The best thing to do is set up a test blog and have at it. Sink or swim.

    Any template that includes a sidebar isn’t really “blank”.

    Have you looked at the Template Tags section of the Codex? It explains the various tags for title, content, etc. really well.

    Actually, this is a project I have on my to do list. The links provided are sort of the how to portion, what I want to create, and then offer up, is a taking some of the code tech wench offers, as well as the steps of stripping the default (Kubrick) down to bare bones, but having all the various templates in one place. THEN, having a style sheet, completely un-styled, but with any style references from the templates accounted for. So then one only has to play with the style sheet, and and/subtract template tags as desired. PERHAPS within a week or so.

    I’ve gone ahead and created a blank theme of sorts based on Urban Giraffe’s tutorial. I outline exactly what it is, but basically it is all the template files from the default theme, and a style sheet with all divs and classes, simply with no styling. So all someone has to do is start adding their own style, and tweak the loop and sidebar to their liking. I will in all likely hood find some divs and classes that need to be added, so if you find something, please comment at my blog so I can build as comprehensive a file as possible.
    Any other suggestions on what could be added to make it a more comprehensive package is greatly encouraged.

    that’s a very good idea! I am really curios what the feedback will be about it. A while ago I was thinking about making a similar “blank” 3 column theme, not totally empty though, but it never happened. If there is interest I might kick myself to finish that project 🙂

    thanks. I too will be curious to see if there’s any interest.

    Thanks, miklb! I’ll have fun with this. BTW, what a great looking site you have. Really pleasing to the eye.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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