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  • ashish1987


    I run a site in wordpress and I wanted a plugin which i can put up under each post and read “Report This Post” sort of a thing and the users click on it and I know which post has been reported.
    Can someone help me with this ?
    Thanks 🙂

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  • MichaelH


    So once the user clicked “Report This Post” would the plugin send you an email? Or put something in the database?

    I looked for some possible solutions but found nothing specific, so you might consider using something like Lester’s WP-Email plugin and modify that.

    Here’s something for Comments:

    Roger Theriault


    To chime in – I was thinking that a modification to Lester’s WP-Postratings plugin (or even one of its multitude of options) might do it, since it’s an AJAX inline element which does something when you click on it (mainly update the database); if you need to notify someone it’s simple to generate an email when the server is told about the “rating”. There’s some sample email code in the Custom 404 form explanation in the Codex (chunk reproduced below)

    mail($adminemail, "Post reported: ".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],
         $reportmess, "From: $websitename <noreply@$website>");


    I also have the same request as Ashish has demanded. Waiting for resolving my request. Thanks alot.


    Well @geetkunal, don’t wait… search the Plugin Directory. You might just find something suitable.

    These features are developed by volunteers, often because they need something to do something and can’t find it elsewhere.

    There is a plugin for doing this job. Actually i am already in it second release and keep working on it, almost every day.

    U can check it out here

    Any questions regarding it, will be more than welcome 🙂

    ha ha. i was just searching for this one. thanks 😀

    thanks a lot buddy … i wanted it too!

    Basilakis, that doesnt seem to work! I added the code but no link appears. 🙁

    Ok, I have looked and Looked and Looked but I couldn’t find anything. SO, I contacted a developer Milan Petrovic who developed the GD Star Rating Plug-in and I asked him to develop one for me at my own expense which he did. I now have the plug-in working on my site and I have contacted Milan and asked him to make it public available which he has just done wit some enhanced tweaks

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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