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    Go into your .CSS and find the header declaration, take that out. Then go to your page and see if it’s fixed. If it’s not, go to your index.php and take out the div class=header, unless of course you are using that to call in your banner. 🙂



    goto your CSS and find the #header div and add in:
    display: hidden;
    enjoy 🙂



    is that right?



    Doesn’t look like you have it working. One thing I noticed is that you have a lot of things before your <head> tag. You should only have <html> <head> then put in the script stuff. It’s showing an error because of the way you have the html set up.



    I am sfter doing a similar thing .. I have my blogger blog at
    i want my wordpress blog to look and function similarly with the added bits of the calendar and search and rss etc which is currently at
    what files do i or can i modify to put the html into to make it look like this ?

    That wont work. So anybody can help me with the css?

    Check out the Wiki PlayPen for some help with your page. You have some issues to resolve before tackling the CSS problem.
    I have posted a bit of code to show you how your xhtml should look. Once you have made that change, come back here and post any more problems. We can keep adding to your PlayPen entry until you have solved your problem.

    I have made thoes changes.

    I have posted the line of code that you can comment out or remove. Check it out.

    That wont work as it removes my image that i want there also.

    I’m an idiot. You still need something there for the background file…I have put another “solution” up on the Wiki. Basically just build a DIV instead of using the H1. You’ll see in the Wiki what I mean. I *think* you can define an “empty” DIV like that, because you are inserting stuff via the CSS.
    Give it a try and let us know!

    Bingo! That works, now all i need to do is edit the image size so the image shows up in full.
    Thank you

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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