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  • I’m using Bold Life Theme. It’s working for what I need except for the RSS Subscribe, I would like to remove or move it. I have looked around at the settings but can’t find it. Is it possible to remove RSS Subscribe or is it just part of the theme?

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  • RSS is a built in feature of WordPress. If your theme is providing a link to the RSS feed, you can edit the theme to remove the link. Some themes provide widgets to display this type of information, so you may check around under Appearance > Widgets to see if there is anything there that might allow you to adjust that setting.

    If you want to make the RSS feeds unaccessible by anyone at all (different than removing the display link) you can use a plugin like this one: which will remove the ability for anyone to access the feeds on your site.

    I usually go to host and remove the rss file there.

    I then go to the header and delete the folowing lines.

    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”Feed Title” href=”Feed Location” />

    The other link is to atom, usually one on one line the the atom one below that.

    If there are Icons in the theme index I remove those as well.

    Thats what i do but save your code in notepad you take out so if all fail (it should’nt) then you can put it back just leave a big space where they will be missing till you save and preview. if all go ok then close the gap.


    Good luck!

    You should not remove the rss file from the WordPress install, it will only get replaced by the next upgrade and it could cause unforeseen issues with other themes, plugins or code.

    You should remove the offending code via WordPress functions, using a plugin like I linked to, and/or by editing your theme files (highly recommended that you use a child theme if your theme offers updates, more info here:

    If you make changes to core WordPress files, you will have to maintain those changes when the next version of WordPress becomes available, or you will put off upgrading WordPress because you don’t want to lose your changes. Not upgrading WordPress is the number one reason that WordPress sites get hacked. Using a plugin to override the normal functionality will ensure that even when updates happen to WordPress, your desired modification will stay intact.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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