• All I needed was 10 minutes to realize what a good plugin this is, it even has a Gutenberg block so I can also build the tables right in a page/post. The sorting, searching, and pagination is what really sold me here. My go to tool to display tables for now on, that’s for sure.


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    Dear Nick, I just uploaded the plugin and still planning to add a few things, this review surprised me a lot. I will try to keep this plugin updated, do you have any suggestions to make this plugin the BEST? I am thrilled to hear. Would you please share the plugin within your circle to help us get more downloads?

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    Actually I do… we can style the Table header and the table body, but there is no way to customize the colors for the Pagination text, and the text for the Search box. Therefore, if a theme is using a “dark” colored background, these text are going to be either not visible, or very hard to read.

    My suggestion would be to do the easy thing: Remove the CSS color rule for these text, and let the theme decide what color they should have. The other and more difficult solution is to also have settings to change the color of the said text.

    Other than that, I can’t find anything else wrong with it…

    I would love for this plugin to add support for the ACF Pro’s repeater field, where we can specify the Repeater field, and all the subfields to be displayed in the table, and let the plugin populate the table with the subfields data… Right now I can do this with hand coding with php, but I have not even tried to figure out how to add a search box, column sorting, and pagination, so right now, I’m very jealous of your knowledge for those 3 things ! What I have though, I have made the table header row sticky, so when you have many rows and columns, the header labels are always visible.

    Thanks for this plugin (which I had forgotten to do originally),
    I wish I could give it 10 stars,

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