• I decided to give Gutenberg a try after reading pieces where folks were having their underwear catapult across the room because the editor was that good.

    I put Gutenberg on my sandbox and immediately, I did not like what I saw. All I do is simple blogging with embedded images in the piece. Gutenberg throws all of this away in favor of “blocks” because what the hell do I know about what I want to do? The result was just awful. Apparently, every paragraph I write is supposed to be a segregated block and images segregated as well. Oh, but there’s an “image and text” block, but it looked awful as well.

    After nearly shattering every bone in my hands in rage after pounding the desk in rage, I decided to pull up an old post in the sandbox. I was able to find that Gutenberg treats the old blog posts as a “classic” block. WP claims it is the same as the current WP editor, but it isn’t. It isn’t as good.

    It makes the text size appear very large, but since I’m embedding images, it makes it worse for me when I attempt to do this. So if I’m inserting left-justified images into my posts, I now am forced to keep a preview window open just to make sure my images are find compared to the normal paragraph.

    The HTML editor is hidden. WP seriously does not want you tweaking HTML on your own ’cause “reasons.” Yes, once you know where it is hidden at, you can bring it up. However, I miss the simple tab approach that let me quickly switch from WYSIWYG to the raw text editor for HTML.

    It took me multiple attempts before Gutenberg would allow me to upload multiple images at once. I think the stupid interface was trying to do some image block instead of what I wanted to do ’cause again, WP knows better what to do than I.

    When it came to inserting images into the classic block, 90% of the time, Gutenberg wouldn’t insert the image where I wanted it. It didn’t matter if it was an embedded image to a paragraph, or an image between paragraphs. Whenever I would attempt to insert the image where I wanted, Gutenberg would instead throw the image to the top of the block ’cause “reasons.” That induced more rage.

    Adding new elements to WP is fine. However, Gutenberg makes my blogging life MUCH more difficult with its non-intuitive interface and the developers clear attempts to be hip at the cost of decent functionality. I will be putting off converting my sites to this travesty of an editor until it is rammed down my throat. Then I’ll have to decide what to do next, including stopping blogging.

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  • I will be putting off converting my sites I will be putting off converting my sites

    It’s now confirmed that Gutenberg will be the default editor in WP 5.0 (due Nov. 2018 or Jan 2019), but opt-out will be reasonably simple via the Classic Editor plugin.

    Installing the Classic Editor plugin on each of your sites with prevent showing the Gutenberg Editor to all users. It’s simple to use & very effective. You can use this until you decide you want to use Gutenberg.

    I also found much to try to adapt to, so @astronerdboy, I suggest you install the Classic Editor plugin BEFORE 5.0 is released. It won’t hurt anything to run on with 4.x.x. I hear you will want to have it there BEFORE the real deal arrives, although I don’t know why.

    In the meantime, in your sandbox, I’d continue to assimilate the Gutenberg interface. It’s still changing, getting better in increments which sometimes involves a step backward as you might guess. But the workflow is different and when you’re in crunch-time mode, it’s no time to try something like this.

    I personally think it’s a step in the right direction but some of what I hear makes light of the amount of change this put upon people who have a lot of work to get done. I find it is indeed slower but learning it better and better enables me to appreciate it more. My sentiments lay about 60% in favor of the new change. I believe I’ll like it more as time goes on.

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