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  • When a user signs up to subscribe their email gets added to a database. A username and password is also generated, however an email is never sent out to the user. Therefore they are unaware of their username and password and when they go to submit a comment, they are unable to do so with their email address, because the system says the email address is already used. Also there is no way for the user to retrieve their username and password from the system. The only thing it is good for is capturing emails. Otherwise it is a major nuisance.

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  • hi officearrow,

    Thats the idea of this plugin. Only capturing email adresses so you can use them with another plugin to send news or updates to your subscribers.

    I made this plugin because I didnt find any easy way to do it. And I really didnt want people having to choose a username and receiving a password only to subscribe to a newsletter. They will never use this username or password: thats the idea.


    Hi Leo,
    I have using WP v2.0 and it does have the widget in Presentation tab. Could you please provide me with the widget codes to insert into my sidebar? Would really appreciate that.

    Thank you.


    the latest version of the plugin can also be used with a template tag, wich solves your problem.. check the instructions..



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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