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    First of all great plugin!
    I just have 2 quick questions:

    First, is it possible to allow users to post the drawing like a blog post and not as a reply or comment?

    Second, is it possible to have a custom background canvas as the default?
    For example, if I wanted to allow people to draw on a map and ONLY draw on that map background.


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  • Sorry, I just answered my question about the posting thing. But I still need to know about having a custom default background canvas!

    Plugin Author randytayler


    I don’t have a way to do that. How do you envision it working? How would the blog poster choose a default pic to go with his blog entry? At the time he writes his blog post? Or in the backend settings, so it’s ALWAYS the default background, regardless of the post?

    So it is ALWAYS the background image, for example, if I wanted to make a site about travel routes in the U.S. I would allow people to draw their route on a U.S. map then post it. It would be the same map for everyone but each post would be different in what they drew ON the image.

    Would it be possible to make the canvas transparent then use css to bind a background image?

    Plugin Author randytayler


    Okay, I have a hard-coded fix for now. If you open up /wp-content/plugins/drawblog/drawblog_canvas.php, you can add this line at line 370. (Edit the URL to be the map you want, and your canvas resolution.) It’s not pretty, and the next time I update DrawBlog you’ll need to manually put the line in again, but it should work.

    drawblogDoPaste(‘’, 400, 300);

    Lemme know what you think.

    It works! I love you so much man!


    Small problem! The eraser turns everything white, I do not think that your fix will address this so should I just edit out the eraser from the script?

    Annnnnnd when I try to make a post it is not working, the canvas is just white, my image is not on it. It is only working if I try to leave a comment or reply.
    Thanks man I appreciate it.

    Plugin Author randytayler


    Huh – I thought I replied – sorry. Yes, the eraser only turns things white. No way to fix that, really. Sorry.

    As for adding it to a post…

    /wp-content/plugins/drawblog/drawblog_post_canvas.php needs that line inserted right at 264. That should do it.

    When I do that it is still white and now I can not draw anything on it.

    Plugin Author randytayler


    Oh great. Oh! Wait. I know why. Okay, crap.

    I’ll need to add this to the next release – you’re not the only one requesting it. Maybe this coming weekend?

    That would be great man. I really appreciate it!

    Hey man have you got an ETA on that fix?

    Plugin Author randytayler


    Sorry, not yet. I did do some work on DrawBlog over the weekend, but not enough yet to release. I’m going to keep going on it this week.

    Any idea how much longer?

    Plugin Author randytayler


    So sorry. Been swamped. I’m going to try to release something by tomorrow night.

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