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  • Hi
    your plugin seems to need USER GROUP to work for making users lists.
    But USER GROUP has not been updated until 5 years.

    So my question is :
    Will i be able to dend mails to users, make group lists, set templates for mails
    With only you plugin?

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  • Thread Starter johanna75


    antother time: will you update soon your plugin to get ride of bugs?

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    What sort of bugs are you running into? I can’t make any promises but I can try.

    As for Groups support, the plugin doesn’t dictate any one groups solution, if a group is defined and the WordPress API recognizes it, Email Users can use it. Or at least it used to. If WordPress has changed how groups work then it may no longer work.

    I just did a quick test on my site to send a group of users and it worked just like it did before. The Groups capability is based on Roles and Capabilities.

    Thread Starter johanna75


    Sorry i wasn’t so clear.
    I need to set somes groups of users. Not by Roles or capacities but just to set some users in a group even if they are the same role.
    Is it possible?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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