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    Could someone tell me what the stand alone html editor is that WordPress uses for blogs without their own server..and also what image manager they use.

    I’m having so much trouble gettting the latest image manager and the latest WYSIWYG plug-ins to work properly I just want to install the old reliables. Been working on both for 3 days with no end in at this point I give. Until I can dare look into them again I’ll go with what’s easiest. Better that then seeing double.

    And where can I find them please..I’ve been looking everywhere. Think I’m more than a little burned out from all this today so everywhere I look seems to be the wrong place.

    Thanks much

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  • Blogs without their own server? Do you mean blogs hosted on

    Yes I’m sorry that’s what I meant. I am hosted on my own server..but also have another blog with wordpress alone. But it doesn’t show you what plugins are used. The html editor and image plugins are working perfectly in the wordpress one. I just want to know what they I can install those plugins into the other blog I have.

    As of right now I can’t post anything in the blog on the Bluehost server..when I write a post and hit save I get a blank page. It’s not saving anything.


    it may not be a wysiwyg editor issue at all… have you done a search on “bluehost”? I think you may get some interesting answers by looking that up…

    Actually yes..I did search on and Bluehpost. I’m not very computer savy when it comes to code, etc. I retraced some of my steps from of which was deactivating the latest image manager plug-in. When I reactivated it..I could post again. I deactivated it because it’s not working.

    Now the posts save but I have no control over images.


    I meant, there are a lot of people discussing problems with Bluehost on THIS site. It looks like it might be some of Bluehost’s settings that are buggering the process, nothing at all to do with your plugins. Note, I am just saying that from cursory review of posts mentionning bluehost, I’m not a customer, have never been one, and have no interest in dissing them.

    No I don’t think that at all and thanks for the info. It could be with them. Other people at out site aren’t having this problem as far as I know though but I will keep it in mind when asking for help…an research the bluehost thing further.

    I have deactivated both the latest image manager and WYSI-Wordpress plug-ins. Only now all the formatting buttons have disappeared from the row of buttons at the top of the place where we write our posts. Any idea which plugin I could use to get them back..I thought the older editor plug-in would kick in once I disabled WYSIWYG..but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

    Have also both checked and unchecked the “Users should use the visual rich editor by default” option under writing options..just in case that had something to do with it. But it remained the same.

    I’m afraid I am making a mess of all this..just wish I had all the original WP plugins and settings tha were there when I first started with WordPress.


    Thought I’d post back with how I resolved this on my own. Probably not the way a person more learned in the ways of plug-ins would go but it worked for me.

    I went over every plug-in in my co-posters plugin folders at our server..deleted every plug-in I had in my plugin folder that they didn’t image manager..deleted WYSIWYG/TinyMCE and everything works fine now. I see TinyMCE i

    Needless to say I am seriously happy to see the HTML editor & buttons on top of the Post box again.

    List of plugins I deactivated or go rid of:

    search replac
    blog bling
    visual spellcheck
    ajax_spell checker
    Sk2 (deactivated)
    WYSIWG (deleted)

    It doesn’t matter if you delete or deactivate them it has the same result.

    I know I did not configure some of the above plugins properly. So for thos novices out sure you know what you’re doing before activating plugins you’re not familiar with. They may sound like they do great things..and they do..again..only if you know how to confgure them properly. I’ve found some of them work ‘right out of the box’ so to speak..but not all.

    WordPress support posts that helped me with tis problem:

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