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    Before I use this plugin I have some question please,

    I have a site that people can register on it
    And through it they can register for events

    And I want through the site that whoever registers for any event can issue a certificate for him

    Can I through this plugin, make the user after he write his name: download the certificate?
    on it his name and the name of the event in which he registered?

    Is it a clear question to you, or would you like any additional explanation?

    and thank you

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  • Plugin Author rasmarcus


    Yes, users can register and download a PDF certificate with their name on it.

    The exact method would depend on which form plugin you use. If using Formidable Forms, you can add the E2Pdf shortcode to a User Registration form to make the process seamless upon registering.

    Or, with the other form plugins you can forward users to a form you create to produce the certificate.

    We remain at your service.

    Thanks for your quick response
    I use WP Event Manager Plugin for making events, and WP Forms for register to the event.

    I get you thank you.

    Another question please, but I do not know if it’s related with you
    If I only want to issue certificates to only who has gone to the event, not everyone who has registered.
    Do you know how?

    Plugin Author Oleksandr


    Unfortunately E2Pdf doesn’t work with WP Forms. The list of supported plugins listed here: https://e2pdf.com/extensions/all

    In theory you must connect E2Pdf Template to any of supported forms for event registration and when user complete form you can generate PDF Link to event certificate or send attachment to email with submitted data.

    You can check some our video examples on YouTube to see the way of work: https://www.youtube.com/e2pdf

    We remain at your service.

    Thank you very much
    I am sorry for the late reply,
    I will use Gravity Forms instead of WP Forms

    I get you, but maybe not every user complete a form, he will come to the event
    I only want generate a PDF Link to event attendance.
    Do you know how?

    And Does it support Arabic Language?


    Plugin Author Oleksandr


    Currently we do not have known issues regarding Arabic language support. Unfortunately there is no yet global option to use RTL but each field/html object has this option separately and can be set via “Right Mouse Click” -> “Properties” -> “RTL” but we expect to fix it in future releases and add it as global. You will need also to use correct font which support Arabic Language.

    As about WP Event Manager Plugin, we already have user who successfully used E2Pdf with it. If you will need E2Pdf download link to appear on “event” page, E2Pdf Template must be connected to extension: “WordPress” and item: “Events”. Fields and data can be mapped via “Right Mouse Click” -> “Map”. After this you must be able to use shortcode directly inside event to generate download link, where 1 is the ID of your E2Pdf Template:

    [e2pdf-download id="1"]

    We remain at your service.

    Thank you very much
    I am going to do what you tell me.
    If I faced any problem during work, I will tell you.
    Thank you very much again.



    I want to download pdf in arabic language but e2pdf does not support arabic. Please help

    Plugin Author Oleksandr



    We currently replied regarding Arabic language support under your topic: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/e2pdf-language-problem/

    We remain at your service.

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