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  • Hi,

    I have only one client with whom this happens : it reports much more downloads that she really does. It duplicates every file report, saying in the column IP : 2a01:cb1d:8a86:8000:2dd5:55e5:26ed:e42d and changes with time : 2a01:cb1d:8a86:8000:61dc:774f:a837:a5b7 and so on. The first (real) download reports her real IP. Only the duplicates does this. There is something like 5 to 10 duplicates for each download she makes.

    When I’m logging as her account, it says only 8 downloads (and she said to me 8 also), in the window.

    Do you know where it comes from ? I would like to be sure she’s won’t overload my bandwidth with some chrome plugin she has or else…

    Btw, I’m using your (amazing) shortcodes to display the downloads, so nobody can’t make a right click to download, they have to go through “click” and “click ok in the window saying you’ve downloaded […] files”.

    Thank you !

    ps : do you have other plugins for s2member ?

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  • Plugin Author Potsky



    IP Address 2a01:cb1d:8a86:8000:2dd5:55e5:26ed:e42d is an IP version 6 address. Both IP Addresses have the same network so requests certainly come from the same user but with distinct network interfaces or computers.

    I cannot tell you why this is happening…



    ps: no other plugins for s2member 😉

    Thread Starter contentologue


    Ok, thank you ! Well, I guess it was something like “right clicking” cause since I use the shortcodes, it doesn’t happen anymore.

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