• I have tested all other watermark plugins. They are all the same and have a serious problem!
    They use WordPress image compressor to watermark the original image.
    In case they only need to watermark, not compress!
    That is when WordPress does not compress the original image!
    Especially the original image does not need to be compressed for watermarking.
    Compressing only destroys the quality and increases the size of the images!

    Anyway, can you give me a solution so that ultimate watermark doesn’t do any compression? And just watermark?

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  • Plugin Author MantraBrain


    You have the option to adjust Image Quality settings up to 100%. If you prefer maximum quality, simply set it to 100.


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    Even if I set the quality to 100, the compression is still done, it’s just lossless and increases the size of the images! I just want to watermark, not compress!!

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