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    any chance you might add Projects to the CRM?

    My workflow is- I have a client, each client can have multiple projects. The Quotes and invoices are connected to projects. I’d also like to track time spent on each project (currently using Toggl for this)

    It is really important for me to know what projects (ie websites) each client has and how much time we spent on each project.


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    Hi @vasikgreif

    Thanks for trying ZBS and reaching out.

    We definitely plan on integrating with Toggl, as we use that ourselves too. In the short term we’ve got a full list of bugfixes, improvements and feature requests, but I’d like to see some kind of projects added too.

    We do wan’t to keep this pure & lean – and not add full ‘project management’ tools, as we think these are done really well elsewhere (e.g. basecamp etc.) – but we’ll likely offer ‘job tracking’ in terms of costs against a project.

    What are you currently using to track job profitability? Perhaps there’s an integration I can get pushed up our dev list? (Toggl is already high up there.)

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    Hi, thanks for reply!

    Projects are really crucial for my workflow.

    For projects tracking, I currently use Toggl only – I always know what my budget is, what is the price per hour for each client, and I use tags “to invoce” and “invoiced” to see what I already invoiced. Probably not the best way, but that’s how I do it now.

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    Hey @vasikgreif,

    I think Toggl already manages projects including to-invoice and already invoiced? Anyhow, watch this space we’ll be adding something to help here asap.

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