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  • I was wondering if anybody could offer me some advice. I have had WordPress up for a while not and I’ve encountered a few bots that have spammed random posts. This is fine by me, the spam filters trap them ok however today I have a new pest.
    A bot advertising for has been posting comments all day — it started from the newest post on my blog and has been working its way up the list. I seem to get a new one every few minutes and I assume that I am not the only other wordpress user out there affected by this. Basically the bot does not post anything but some random text, it is a proper sentence that contains no links so my filter let it through for the first twenty or so posts. The URL it gives is to the website listed above and I assume the site is going to a rankings boost on google or is aiming to lure people to click through to their site using profound statements like “What progress we are making. In the Middle Ages they would have burned me. Now they are content with burning my books”.
    I have added the IP address to my filter (and the word Texas) and it wordpress is emailing me updates. It seems the bot posts approximatly once every 15 minutes. I don’t mind this as its a documented trail and might come in useful later. What I want to do is complain to the ISP hosting the bot and to the ISP or connectivity provider or the website to see if I can put a stop to this. I am sure it contravenes the TOS no matter where they are hosted. I can’t find the relevent information on internic, however I really don’t want to get emails for the next week as it works its way through the hundreds of posts I have made.
    Thoughts/Help/Comments appreciated.

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    Two good threads in the top 7.
    And the ISP ? I doubt they give a ****

    On the contruary, you’d be suprised what a well aimed complaint can do.

    Oh I’m not saying don’t complain, just that in my experience when I have emailed ISP’s abroad about issues with a customer of theirs, I have never yet had a decent response.
    I still send them though 🙂

    Heh – I have no clue how to get contact info for the provider based on the internic record and the bot has taken to spoofing the IP address or running through proxies or something …
    Both help .. but spoofed stuff doesn’t obviously.

    I have to concur with podz here: a polite complaint didn’t do thing, and I went then higher and they again said they just provide lines and are not responsible blablabla.
    What caused me to complain was that one IP number pings/refer my blog (one specific posting) every 10 minutes since a week, and each ping/refer gives another porn web URL, but each shows the same IP number. Thanks to TarPit, I could stop them from cumulating on my blog itself, but it is still annoying!

    I’m getting the texas holdem bot too … as you can see its a distributed effort, not sure if its an overt team or a covert worm.
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    Just get me the texas-holdem sites provider and I’ll give it a shot. I use all sorts of nasty legal language and it seems to work provided they are US or UK based.

    Again with the “I don’t want these links on my blog” (but I don’t mind posting ’em here! ;-).

    This texas holdem bot _is_ annoying me to the max right now. Even though I did turn off the option to get mail everytime a post is made/approved or rejected to the blog I still get a flood of mails to my inbox.
    here is an example
    “new comment on the post #18 “” is waiting for your approval…”
    Is it commenting posts that does not exist or have no subject. what is this?
    Sorry if this was slightly offtopic.

    I’m also getting attacked by this texas holdem bot and even installing the blacklist plug-in doesn’t seem to help!

    I too have been attacked by this insidious evil. It appears the domain name is registered at – whose business model is “Your identity becomes instantly available – and vulnerable – to spammers, scammers, prying eyes and worse. Your solution:! ” How ironic, the service set up to protect us from spammers now houses them safely!
    The site is hosted at as well. Contacting them might do something… but it won’t prevent comment spamming.
    We need a united solution!!

    Well if the posts here about blogs are anything to go by, if they are hosted by Godaddy it should break soon 🙂

    It seems to have 😀

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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