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  • I notice that when you click on an event and the “facebox” pops up there is no way to close it. There should be a “X” to close the box, instead you have to move to some other page to get rid of it. It isn’t my browser because the facebox works when not used in conjunction with this plugin. Anyone have this problem? Anyone have the fix to it? I can’t have “permanent” event boxes sitting on my pages.

    Other than that GREAT plugin..i love it!

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  • I was also puzzled by this, but after a while I found that the ESC key closes the popup. I agree with wawebmistress that there should be an explicit Close button.

    There is an image that will appear in the lower right corner of the Facebox div that reads “Close”. Chances are that if you do not see it, then your WordPress install is not in the root directory of your website.

    You may need to modify the path to the image. The path is located in the facebox.js file in the js/facebox directory.

    Let us know if this help.

    Does anyone have a live demo of this plugin hosted, so I could see it in action?

    Hey scottbeyer,
    After about 30 minutes or so of searching I was able to find a live demo of the plugin – I’m not too impressed… Think I will stick to a simple Ajax plugin myself, but hope that helps you decide.

    We posted screenshots at the code site:

    Just noticed that the pathing problem regarding display of a Close button has been fixed in the latest release 0.85. Thanks for that!

    You should probably mention it in the Change Log.

    Any chance it will get some 2.5 love. I tried it and it was breaking the formatting on my pages.


    Does this work in 2.6?



    I just installed it in 2.6.1. So far it works (with some help from

    The plugin works great except all of my 2009 events show for the current month. I have to click the “show later events” link to view next months events.

    I want to display all of 2009 events on the same page. See my working example


    just FYI as it was driving me crazy. when i registered my API with google, i had to make sure to give it the WWW in front of my web address. maybe i just saved you a few hours that i lost 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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