• I have WordPress 5.6 and the plugin is not working properly and cannot be deleted by revisions not displaying them. Will there be an update? Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Brice Capobianco


    I can’t see any issue with the new WordPress 5.6.
    On a standard install with Gutenberg or the Classic editor installer, the plugin is still working properly.
    What is exaclty the problem? Did you try switching your theme or disabling all other plugins to check which one is causing conflict?

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    The problem is that the ability to delete revisions has been lost. As a result of the number of revisions, the text “Purge” disappeared. I would also send a screen but it can’t be sent here. I have 3 websites and it doesn’t work on any of them anymore.


    Plugin Author Brice Capobianco


    As mention above, the plugin still wroks well with WordPress 5.6
    If you’ve trouble after the update, switch you theme and disable your plugins one after one to identify the one causing the issue.
    Sorry, but I can’t help more than that since my plugin is working well on a standard install.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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